The Flight

The six of you stare down in shock at what has just happened. Below you, the city has been enveloped in a great magenta bubble that seems to gleam almost balefully up at you. Down on the deathly still streets you can see the pale, crystal statues that were the inhabitants of the once lively city. Nowhere can you see movement or any sign of life. A ugly haze of what seems to be blue and black mist is slowly surrounding the castle as you watch, hiding from view any more detail. While some of the party are filled with no small amount of glee at the unexpected turn of events that have played out, the rest of you are at varying stages of horror. Everyone and everything you know is gone….
So the dome seems to extend out 300ft from the city walls at it’s furthermost point, coming in close to the treeline of the forest to the south of the city. It looks to be a complete shell with no gaps or holes, following the contours of the land.
The sword of the king you give to Ganfald and the bards to examine, but it seems the stories of a powerful relic of ages gone are just that – stories. It seems to be no more than a +2 keen broadsword. A mighty weapon in its own right but not the powerful artifact you thought it may be.
Looking around on the airship you come up with a month’s worth of provisions and the ship’s armoury, which contains, spears, long swords and crossbows for 12 men along with studded leather armour for them as well. There are also miscellaneous supplies such as rope, oil for lamps, etc.



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